1. Si La Revancha Fuera Una Opcion
    Death Eyes

  2. Self-Titled LP

  3. Life Is The Meatgrinder That Sucks In All Things
    Adam Gnade / Planet B

  4. Split
    Invisibl Skratch Piklz

  5. A Self-Help Tragedy
    Doomsday Student

  6. A Century of Abuse

    Adam Gnade & The Hot Earth All-Stars

  8. Greater Mythology Blues
    Adam Gnade & The Hot Earth All-Stars

  9. “A Jumper’s Handbook
    Doomsday Student

  10. Warsaw
    Moving Units

  11. Generic Plans For a New Blunder
    Hot Nerds

  12. Wrong Utpoia
    Planet B

  13. Incompresa
    Gabe Serbian, Justin Pearson

  14. Cassette EP
    Into Violence

  15. Motomonotono

  16. Strategically Placed Bananas
    Hot Nerds

  17. Vile Hobbies
    Wet Lungs

  18. split 7'

  19. A Walk Through Hysteria Park
    Doomsday Student

  20. Sensitizer

  21. Split 7"
    Qui/Secret Fun Club

  22. An Insufficient Apology
    All Leather

  23. Hot Nerds EP
    Hot Nerds

  24. The Stranger
    Kill The Capulets

  25. Inertia
    Bastard Noise

  26. Pig's Orphan
    Ill Saint M, Justin Pearson

  27. Eat Cake, Lose Weight
    Leg Lifters

  28. Opera

  29. Elle Poupe Dans La Rue
    Leg Lifters

  30. The Funny Papers
    Paper Mice

  31. Skull With Antlers
    Secret Fun Club

  32. Jahiliya

  33. 7" EP

  34. We Eat Gauche Caviar
    All Leather

  35. Radical Humiliation
    Leg Lifters

  36. II
    Rats Eyes

  37. Situation On Mars
    Swing Kids

  38. Hard EP

  39. CD

  40. “Damn I wish I was Fat
    Ground Unicorn Horn

  41. “Listen To Your Left Brain
    The Chinese Stars

  42. CD
    Das Oath

  43. Cavity Search
    Holy Molar

  44. Discography
    Jenny Piccolo

  45. Release The Bats

  46. Be Kind To Me” B/W “Hex It Out"
    Love Life

  47. The DNA Will Have It's Say
    Some Girls

  48. Head Wound City EP
    Head Wound City

  49. “Here Lies The Body Of Jaks

  50. Split 7 inch
    Ex Models/Holy Molar

  51. split LP/ double CD
    Fast Forward / T Cells

  52. A Rare Sensation
    The Chinese Stars

  53. Queen Hygiene II/ Rough Day At The Orifice
    Arab On Radar

  54. All My Friends Are Going Death
    Some Girls

  55. Are You Ready For An Organ Solo?

  56. Stolen Singles
    Arab On Radar

  57. The Whole Tooth And Nothing But The Tooth
    Holy Molar

  58. “2nd 18/04

  59. Dynamite with a Laserbeam: Queen as Heard Through the Meat Grinder of Three One G
    Various Artists

  60. “Dogma

  61. Peace In The Valley
    Black Dice

  62. Dream Eagle
    Get Hustle

  63. Rollin’ In The Ruins
    Get Hustle

  64. The Many Faces of Mental Illness
    The Festival Of Dead Deer

  65. Greatest Hits
    The Crimson Curse

  66. To Paint The Kettle Black
    Camera Obscura

  67. Blast Off!
    Black Cat #13

  68. Homovore
    Cattle Decapitation

  69. Human Jerky
    Cattle Decapitation

  70. "Writing Kodak” b/w “We Talked Midi” single
    Camera Obscura

  71. Discography
    Swing Kids

  72. Follow The Flock, Step In Shit
    The Locust

  73. 10" EP
    Swing Kids

  74. 10"EP

  75. Gems Of Masochism
    Antioch Arrow

  76. One Settler, One Bullet


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